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We would like to welcome all of our students to the Small Forest Karate Dojo. It is exciting to have so many interested and dedicated people join our family at the Okinawan Karate "Way Place" in Poquoson. Sensei Harris is very happy to have such great students come and train in the old ways of Karate and Kobudo. We are looking forward to having you visit us in person. Please come join us and learn this old and venerable art while making a better life for yourself.





White Belts getting ready to test for their next rank!

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jjjjjjjStudent Promotions - Congratulations All
Student Promotions pic Student Promotions
Student pic Jeff getting belt
Brady getting his belt Student getting belts
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Bo Kumite
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leg raises push ups
leg raises push ups
every day is a new adventure - make the most of it !!
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chudan oi tsuki kicking
Girls test Girls Test

We are very excited about our school. A lot of hard work and long hours have culminated with the opening of the Small Foreat Karate and Kobudo school. Sensei Harris has been training and teaching in the area for over 30 years. He has lived in Poqouson for over 20 years and this new school is something he has wanted to open for many years.

"I believe that Poquoson is a great place to live and the people should have a place to learn this fantastic art. I believe, if all people took Karate, we would not have the problems we see in our society today. Karate teaches a mutual respect and understanding for all people. The austere training develops self-confidence and self-understanding. The more you understand about yourself the more you can understand and deal with others". Sensei Harris

We welcome you to come and see if Karate is in your future.